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Bona® Microfiber Roller Cover

Bona® Microfiber Roller Cover

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Bona® DriFast® Sealer - Qt.

Fast-drying sealer. Meets ASTM D 1640 specs. Use with Bona Woodline® Polyurethane or Bona waterborne finishes. 1.5 - 2 hour dry time. Easy application. Rapid hardness development. VOC compliant under U.S. EPA regulations. 550 grams per liter.

Manufacturers Item #SB750051001

Bona® DriFast® Stain - Qt., Jacobean

An oil-modified stain that dries and is recoatable in two hours under ideal conditions. 6 hours for white, minimum 12 for Ebony, Spice Brown, Cocoa and Bark, 80-80° F and 35-75% relative humidity. All stain colors can be blended for custom colors, offering an endless color palette. 2 hour dry time. No bleed back. Penetrates, stains, and seals bare wood. 800 - 1,000 square feet per gallon coverage rate. Cleans up with mineral spirits. Low odor. Easy touch-ups. Mineral spirits for thinning dark or heavy spots.

Manufacturers Item #SS750051108

Bona® IntenseSeal® Sanding Sealer - Gal.

A specially formulated waterborne sanding sealer for use with all Bona® waterborne finishes. Seals the wood, develops a vibrant look and deep, natural tone. Reduces tendency for sidebonding. Fast drying, 2-3 hours; VOC compliant.

Manufacturers Item #WB252018001